From the customer’s point of view, a book subscription from Glenogle & Bell couldn’t be simpler. Choose a package and the length of time for which you wish it to run, answer a few questions about the reader and then leave the rest to us. Each month a beautifully wrapped, carefully selected book will arrive at the reader’s door.

Behind the scenes it’s a little more complex. As well as being aware of lesser known titles that may have slipped under the radar of readers, we also look at publishers’ catalogues and talk to their sales teams about new titles and read dozens of proof copies of forthcoming titles so that each month we can choose just the right book for our readers.

Based on the information you’ve given us we allocate a title to each reader and the books are packed and sent out. With the first book we enclose a note asking for feedback in case there’s anything else the reader would like us to know about their tastes. Our sole aim is match each reader with the right book – the love of doing that is why we’ve been booksellers for so long.