Even if the weather means we can’t spend as much time as we’d like in our gardens, we still love to read about them and this option will see the recipient receive a horticultural book each month. Sometimes, it might be a more practical guide to planting schemes, sometimes the history of a famous garden and sometimes a gardener’s memoir. Whichever it is, it will be a welcome companion on rainy days and a source of inspiration for when the sun comes out.

When you order this subscription option, each month we’ll carefully choose a suitable book taking into account the information you’ve given us about the reader’s tastes.  It will be sent out, beautifully wrapped.  With the first book we enclose a slip asking for feedback so that we can glean more about the recipient’s tastes which will help us customise our future choices.  Obviously, props shown in the photographs are not included and although the packaging shown is indicative, it may vary.

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  • Please fill out as much information as posssible. The more you tell us, the more suitable our selections are likely to be.
  • If any of your recipients live outside the UK, please contact us for ammended shipping costs.